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Mountain Roots Farm will supply local grocers with fresh greens and seasonal vegetables, as well as sell to the public at farmers’ markets in the area. You may even see our name on local restaurant menus in Knoxville and surrounding counties. Some examples of seasonal offerings include carrots, turnips, beets, radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages and more. Baby greens including spinach, kales, arugula, lettuce mixes and head lettuce will be readily available.

Mountain Roots Farm makes large quantities of quality compost through fall decoration gathering, providing landscape companies with a leaf drop location on the farm, and in the future, will grow our own compost inputs. The chickens on the farm take a lot of credit, as they are always busy mixing, shredding and aerating the compost piles. Our heavy clay soils are yearning for organic matter, high-quality nutrients and minerals, and soil life that support the growing of quality produce.

field of vegetables
green house used for planting and raising plants
plowed field with sprouts coming up
microgreens of pea shoots, sun shoots, and spicy micro mix
dirt sifter